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Social Media And Gaming Work Well Together

By MReed | May 18, 2014

One of the wonderful things about living in the Digital Age is that we can stay connected with our family and friends at all times and we can always let them know what is going on with our lives.  Video game developers have used this model to help with the sales of their newest releases and to generate buzz about those releases months before the release date.  This model has worked well for these developers and the profits that they enjoy throughout the year can be attributed to the wonderful relationship between gaming and social media.



For people who understand the purpose of social media in marketing, the connection between gaming and social media is a no brainer.  The bottom line is that if gamers keep up with their favorite game’s social media page, or even the developer’s page, they will get tidbits of information and screenshots during the entire development process of the game.  If these tidbits are exciting enough for gamers, they will share the information with their friends who, if they also become interested, will share the information with their friends, and so on.  If you think about it, that is brilliant marketing!  Basically, the developer just got the word about their newest game out for free, simply due to the excitement of gamers.



Not only does social media get gamers pumped for the newest releases, it also allows gamers to share their progress during certain games.  If certain achievements are unlocked or certain levels conquered, some developers have added in options to share the achievement with your friends by posting it to your social media page.  While not all of a gamer’s friends will necessarily care about this achievement, those that are real gamers will immediately compare their achievements with each other, and if they are behind, they will do what they can to catch up.  After all, when you are a gamer, it’s all about winning.


Social media and gaming have worked well together ever since the social media boom and will continue to work hand in hand.  Game developers are no fools and with the continued marriage of developer/social media they can expect to continue making plenty of profits while keeping their advertising budget low.  Eventually, once we finally get rid of those pesky physical game discs, those savings will even be passed onto the gamers that have made them so rich.


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